Talking Point (aka Shameless Plug)


As anyone who knows me well will testify, I’m not great at blowing my own horn (unless I happen to be in the car and some ‘white-van man’ cuts me up in a wreckless and dangerous fashion). So today I am about to change all that (for today, at least).

One of the best things about my working life is receiving feedback from my clients. (And the lovelier it is, then all the better!)

Knowing that my clients are satisfied with the work I produce makes me happy, too. And, let’s face it, when you are working ‘home alone’ on your own, it can be wonderfully motivating to get a nice pat on the back every now and then.

So here’s a rather nice extract from an email I received today from one of my favourite clients in response to the very first draft of the copy I submitted:

 “You are one truly talented writer…

“You’ve managed to capture the essence of our business
and the copy is quite simply stunning.
When can we book you again?”

Awww, that’s nice.

Expect to see further shameless plugs from time to time at a blog near you…

(And if you happen to have anything nice to say, please don’t hold back!)

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