Get More Prospects to Choose Your Product Over That of the Competition


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I recently advised one of my marketing clients to offer his prospective customers a free white paper. This is because although he has a great product, it is fairly complex and its use (extremely widespread, as it happens) seems at first fairly limited.

The argument for the white paper was that it would a) provide helpful information about the product and its many uses, b) show how it can overcome a problem shared by my client’s prospects, and c) serve as a ‘bait piece’.

At first he objected. Quite vehemently so, with an expletive thrown in for good measure. “People have had enough of this ‘free’ malarkey,” he continued, “They already have too much to read. They certainly won’t want my white paper adding to the pile.”

I can understand where he was coming from. However, a study by the Columbia Business School concluded that, even in an age of information overload, educational marketing still works. And very well, too.

The study, which focused on politics, found that getting a lot of information out to the public, especially in the early stages of a campaign when many voters are ambivalent, is an effective campaign strategy.

Quantity is more important than quality, the study found, because ambivalent individuals are open to persuasion from a variety of sources, and accept messages regardless of the source’s perceived reliability.

This can easily be applied to the business arena. Which my client now happily appreciates.

Source: Columbia Ideas at Work

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