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Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter WHAT business you are in: If you don’t know how to consistently attract (and keep) a constant flow of customers, you are, well, pretty much DOOMED. Read on to find out you can start attracting more customers into your sales funnel today…


Whether you are suffering from business being flat during the slow days or are worried about the bigger economic slowdown, there are plenty of things you can do to attract (and KEEP) a steady stream of customers (and clients).

Here are seven easy and highly effective strategies:

1. Get Online

I’m not sure exactly where in your business ‘life cycle’ you are, but if you haven’t done so already I would wholeheartedly recommend that you get a website up and running. Else, how do you expect people to find you online?

Britons spent £68.2 BILLION on the internet during 2011, an increase of almost £10 billion on 2010, according to IMRG, a body which represents the UK’s online retailers. This is equivalent to £2,180 for every adult in the country. And the figure is rising — and rapidly so. Who doesn’t want a slice of that business pie?!

2. Swallow Your Pride

If you sell services, call former clients and tell them you have a free window should they need more help from you. If you sell products, make additional offers to existing, satisfied customers.

This is also a great opportunity to find out how you can help them and get their suggestions as to how you can improve your products or services.

3. Get People to Call YOU

By establishing yourself as a leading authority in your industry or field, the need for the hard sell fades away.

The best way to start is by writing an article about the solution to a problem your prospective customers face, and publish it where they are likely to see it. Ideally, the solution will tie into the product or service your company sells and inspire readers to take action. If not, make sure the author resource box or by-line mentions your website.

Other ways to establish your reputation as an expert are giving speeches, being interviewed on, say, radio talk shows, writing a book, publishing a newsletter and/or blog, hosting an event on your specialty.

4. Getting to Know You

Do you offer media interviews and speeches/presentations? Then promote the fact that you do. And after each one, ask to be introduced to other event organisers who might also be looking for people who know their stuff and can deliver to an audience.

5. Stay Informed

Be aware of what your target market is thinking about, reading about, talking about and worried about. By doing so, and keeping up to date with industry trends and predictions, your advertising and marketing should really connect with your readers . . . which in turn will make them more likely to buy.

6. Make the Know-Like-Trust Factor Work For You

People don’t buy from people they don’t know. Nor do they buy from people they don’t like. And they certainly don’t buy from people they don’t trust. So why should YOUR buyers be any different? After all, the Romans had a saying, “Caveat emptor”, which means, “Let the buyer beware.”

So understand that your prospects will fear being ripped off or wasting their hard-earned cash, and go out of your way to prove you’re trustworthy enough to do business with. Above all, be authentic and focused in all that you do.

7. Overhaul Your Marketing Arsenal

From brochures to sales letters, ezines to media kits, your marketing materials — your business’s number one sales tool — represent what you’re all about to prospects, customers and the general public. So are you sure they are painting the right picture? Do they reflect your personality (or ‘brand’) and professionalism, while carefully articulating your benefits-laden core marketing message?

If not, or you’re unsure, then getting an expert to review them and tweak them will prove to be more than worthwhile. Well-focused, clearly written, appealing marketing collateral will always pay for itself by attracting and RETAINING more clients (or customers). And more clients = more revenues = more profits.

The above strategies should help you raise your profile and get you more business. Of course, by being more targeted in what you write, say and do — and where you write, say and do it — you’ll increase your chances of success.

By Tracey Dooley, Copywriter Creative Consultant

If you need help putting a marketing plan in place, just let me know. Or point your browser towards: www.business-marketing-advice.mediaminister.co.uk. 

(Why struggle needlessly when you can get expert affordable mentoring and have fun attracting clients easily?)

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