Why People Will — and Won’t — Buy From You



“People like to buy products and services from people and companies they like . . . Customers want you to create some kind of relationship with them,” says marketing veteran and consultant Don Debelak in his book Marketing Magic (published by Adams Media Corporation).

He goes on to list 14 reasons why people might buy from you as opposed to your competitors:

  1. “Your product solves a problem that no other product solves as well.
  2. “The customer perceives your product or service to possess one feature or benefit lacking in other’s products or services, and that feature is relatively important to him or her.
  3. “Some people feel your product or service works best.
  4. “Some people feel more comfortable using your product than others’ products.
  5. “Some people feel that your product has higher quality.
  6. “Some people feel that your product is the lowest-priced or the highest-value product.
  7. “Some people will buy from you because they like you or like the way you do business.
  8. “Your return policies, guarantess, and support are important to some people.
  9. “Your product or service carries a prestige image that some customers appreciate.
  10. “Your business offers a wider choice to customers.
  11. “Your business location is more convenient to some customers.
  12. “Some people will continue to buy from you from habit.
  13. “Some people will buy from you because you always have the newest or most innovative products.
  14. “Your offer a product that makes people feel goot about themselves or others, makes them look good in others’ eyes, or offers a way of showing love or appreciation.”

Perhaps you recognise some of them with your own product or service. Is there one that you can develop to use as your USP (unique selling proposition)? If you already have an USP you are happy with, maybe you can use the above to help fine-tune it so it really works in your favour.

As well as knowing why people are buying your product or service, it pays to know why they aren’t.

Debelak offers the following list:

  1. “Business buyers may fear [they are] making a mistake in buying from you.
  2. “Some suspects may not have developed sufficient trust in you or your product.
  3. “Some suspect may perceive that your products or services are of questionable quality.
  4. “Your products or services do not address an important problem of theirs.
  5. “Some suspects won’t think they need your product at all.
  6. “Many prospects are likely to have satisfactory relationships with one or more of your competitors.”

So you can see finding out why people won’t buy from you is just as important, if not more important, than knowing why your customers do buy from you. When you understand both sides of the coin, you can effectively set up a comfortable environment — through your promotional materials, your in-store layout, your website,  and so on — in which people are likely to buy.

By Tracey Dooley, Creative Consultant | PR Guru | Marketing & Alliance Strategist

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