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Don’t fall prey to the myth that you will get an instant result from your advertising and marketing efforts. Taking your product or service to market demands patience. It can also involve a substantial amount of investment.

The advertising legend David Ogilvy understood that, despite the passage of time and all of our new-millennium brilliance, we’re essentially the same under the surface as people who walked on this planet 100+ years ago.

So regardless of all our shiny social media gadgetry and how alarmingly short our attention span becomes, the reality — according to years and years of market research — is:

• People typically need to see a message at least seven times before they actually ‘see it’ (by which time, they should have absorbed and retained it).

• It takes around 14 views before people start thinking of buying your product or service.

• When they’ve seen your message about 21 times, then and only then will the interested prospect become an actual buyer.

• Choosing one channel to deliver your message is far too risky. Mix it up. Feed your sales pipeline by using a blend of social media, direct-response marketing, print advertising, etc.

By Tracey Dooley, Copywriter Creative Consultant

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