Six Ways to Spruce Up Your Image



People are increasingly being bombarded by advertising messages. Which means it’s going to take something rather special for a brand to stand out among the clutter. Tracey Dooley aims to help you just do that — regardless of whether you are just starting out or want to give your brand a new lease of life. If nothing else, it should help you really think about what you want to achieve over the next six months…

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Are You Believable?









In business, everything you do is geared toward one thing: turning prospects into customers. But the way you communicate your offer and, more importantly, how well you prove your case beyond “all reasonable doubt” can mean the difference between
a sale and no sales. Tracey Dooley shows you
how to use ‘proof points’ your advantage…

Aside from a bad product, poor targeting or shoddy copy, the lack of proof in your copy is one of the main reasons your business will fail. Continue reading

THE Simplest Way to Skyrocket Your Sales


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So, your product rocks. Not only that, but you provide exemplary customer service. So much so that your customers tend to pass along positive comments about you wherever they go. The referrals flood in, the orders are ker-chinging so fast you’re having difficulty keeping up, but hey business life is suddenly soooo sweet. OK, a slight exaggeration, perhaps, but such is the power of ‘WOMM’…

Raking in heaps of business without having to spend the time, money and energy on hunting down sales. Now that sounds like the sort of stuff dreams are made out of. Well, not really. Not if you harness this most powerful and influential of marketing strategies… Continue reading

New Beginnings… and the Top 10 Marketing Insights for Business (PART 1 OF 2)


As this is my first post of 2015, I have to officially say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that this year proves to be the happiest and most successful year yet…

With a new year ahead of us, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your business and mark out areas for improvement. In terms of your advertising and marketing copy, that could mean giving it a boost with a re-vamp. Sometimes, the smallest changes can yield the biggest results.

As for other areas where you can make significant changes, this article may help. It’s the first part of an old favourite.  

I hope you enjoy reading it, and please do post any questions in the comments box below … or, indeed, any other insights that may help other readers. Thank you.

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One of the World’s Best Advertising Secrets


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Don’t fall prey to the myth that you will get an instant result from your advertising and marketing efforts. Taking your product or service to market demands patience. It can also involve a substantial amount of investment.

The advertising legend David Ogilvy understood that, despite the passage of time and all of our new-millennium brilliance, we’re essentially the same under the surface as people who walked on this planet 100+ years ago.

So regardless of all our shiny social media gadgetry and how alarmingly short our attention span becomes, the reality — according to years and years of market research — is:

• People typically need to see a message at least seven times before they actually ‘see it’ (by which time, they should have absorbed and retained it).

• It takes around 14 views before people start thinking of buying your product or service.

• When they’ve seen your message about 21 times, then and only then will the interested prospect become an actual buyer.

• Choosing one channel to deliver your message is far too risky. Mix it up. Feed your sales pipeline by using a blend of social media, direct-response marketing, print advertising, etc.

By Tracey Dooley, Copywriter Creative Consultant

bullet_grn_brwn Need help to put the va-va-voom into your marketing? I show my clients not only HOW to maximise their advertising and marketing spend, but also how to GET NOTICED among the plethora of marketing messages for (almost) FREE… Get in touch and mention the word “BOOM” to find out more:

(Why struggle needlessly when you can get expert help from a seasoned copywriter?)

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Help! My Competitors Are Doing This – Should I?


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Some of my clients originally came to me courtesy of their competitors! They knew the competition were doing something really well with their marketing and advertising, but didn’t know how.

Having spoken with them and researched the competition, it quickly became clear that they hired copywriters.

Hiring a professional wordsmith has been shown time and time again to be a wise investment. Dozens of companies — including, Independent Newspapers, NEC, IPC Media, Holland & Barrett, Centaur Communications, National Magazine Company and FilmFour — certainly think so. And who am I to tell you any differently? I’d soon be out of work if I did!

So, have you ever hired a copywriter? Do you really need to? Yes!

All businesses – no matter what size or type – have ongoing communication needs. Think of staff newsletters, press advertisements, website content, news releases and a number of other written materials. These are all communication vehicles used to best reach targeted audiences, whether made up of your employees, partners, customers or prospective clients.

When it’s wise to bring in the professionals

“Yes, but I know how to write,” you’re thinking.

That’s great, but do you have the time? (Good, effective writing is time consuming and labour intensive.) Can you really be bothered? (You want to be free to concentrate on what you’re best at.) Even if you could, do you have the necessary skill sets to communicate your company’s message effectively to its target markets?

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t expect someone without a medical background to operate on you. A copywriter is an expert at using words to position your business favourably.

During one summer, I got a call from a client. He’s absolutely fantastic at what he does but admits he’s not writer. Even so, he reckoned he knew enough about his own product to give writing his sales brochure a shot. He called to ask me to “give it a quick once-over” and make sure there were no typos. There were a few misspellings. That didn’t worry me too much. What did was the fact that, while he had included his company’s core messages, it was all very confusing. After a re-write, he agreed that the brochure was much easier to understand.

Make the right kind of splash

Most freelance copywriters work in varying industries. However, that’s not as important as their main speciality: persuasion through language. They do more than produce copy that merely informs; they analyse the way people are in today’s changing global marketplace and craft your message in such a way that it really makes a splash. In turn, that gets the attention and sustained interest of the audience you wish to reach and prompts buyers to do just that – buy.

Even if you do get your reader’s initial interest, this age of information overload and heightened scepticism means you have to work harder to bypass the “Why should I care?” and “Yeah, right!” objections that your target markets will share. That’s where a copywriter comes in handy.

When you hire a copywriter, not only are you paying him or her to write – you are paying her to think how she can overcome any potential problems. She’ll use a selection of proven techniques that appeal to the emotions without hype so that your copy gets real results. The desirable kind that can help your business grow.

Perhaps the best thing is that you can use and pay for copywriting services only when you need them. The only time it isn’t cost-effective is when you don’t get results. Investing in a proven professional copywriter is an investment that should pay off not just once – but time and time again.

By Tracey Dooley, Creative Consultant | PR Guru | Marketing & Alliance Strategist

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