Cold-Calling is a Waste of Time


Bold claim. But all my research and experience stands firmly behind it. (And so do I!)

Apart from hyperventilating at the mere thought of cold-calling a relative stranger (hey, I’m a writer!), it has been shown time and time again that marketing or ‘selling’ to those you already know or have some kind of connection with will give you a much better outcome. 

That affiliation may be that you’re both members of the local chamber of commerce or an online networking group. You may have passed email messages. You may have both contributed to a post. Your prospect may have signed up to receive your ezine… 

The point is they will have some connection with you and it should be easier to do business with them. And when you do pick up the phone, you’ll be making a ‘warm’ call that is more likely to end in an appointment or whatever the next step in your marketing strategy is.

Ultimately, getting new business is about building relationships first — not making a quick cold call that usually results in an even colder reception.  😉

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