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Now is the perfect time to think of garnering publicity for 2015. You could start a press release campaign, or focus on social media, or even combine the two…But whatever you  do, don’t ever, ever CC everyone in your address book when sending out your press releases. Not only will it annoy editors/publishers and reflect badly on you, you may well be opening yourself up for privacy-policy and data-protection nightmares.

Address each and every email individually with no CCs. Even better, personalise your email message with a few covering lines before the release itself (which should NEVER be added as an attachment, but rather in the body of the email) explaining why it would make a good story for that particular publication. This may well take some time, but it can significantly raise the odds on your release getting the attention it deserves.

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By Tracey Dooley, CopyWriter | Editor | Proofreader

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